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Feature rich websites for nonprofits

Open Outreach provides an out of the box, feature rich website for nonprofits built off the free Drupal software.

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Grow your mission with Open Outreach

Use Open Outreach as a tool to move forward your group's mission. See how others are using this open source tool to create powerful messages.

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Get involved

Open Outreach is looking for developers, testers and nonprofit users to help us carry this project forward.

Web technology that works for your group

The Open Outreach distribution allows small nonprofits and grassroots movements to quickly, easily and affordably create a dynamic website. Harnessing the power of the open source content management system Drupal, Open Outreach provides groups with a leg up in website development by preconfiguring the areas of functionality that groups often need to effectively showcase their work and engage their constituency.

Open Outreach includes a rotating slideshow for the homepage, events calendar with repeating date functionality, blog content type with an associated author bio, basic social media integration and comment handling, mapping tools using OpenLayers and a contact management system using RedHen CRM.

We invite you to explore the various features of Open Outreach, try it out and get involved in this growing community project.

Open Outreach welcomes new partner Praxis Labs

A managed hosting service is the first fruit of a new partnership between Chocolate Lily Web Projects and the Montreal-based cooperative Praxis Labs aimed at strengthening and expanding the nonprofit-focused Open Outreach Drupal distribution.

In late 2013, we as Open Outreach contributors began a process aimed at expanding and strengthening the project. We were interested in particular in the prospect of forming a technology cooperative that could include both developers and users of the software. Rather than immediately digging into the work of creating a new entity like a technology coop, Chocolate Lily and Praxis decided that “doing” was the key first step.

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Who's using Open Outreach

Push Bikes campaigns for better cycling in Birmingham and Solihull (UK).   Push BIkes also has an active social side, meeting up for cycling and more.
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Get Involved

Interested in helping us move the Open Outreach distribution forward?  Co-founder Nedjo Rogers of Chocolate Lily has blogged about all the ways this project could use your help. Read his blog post and see our contribute section to get started.