Contact management and mapping now included

The new release of Open Outreach - RC5 - includes two significant new features that ramp up the scope of what nonprofit users get out of the box.

The development of these two new features has been our major work over the summer and are the last two pieces we're planning to add before aiming for a stable release within the next month or so.

Debut Location has been in the works for some time. Based on Open Layers, this mapping feature lets users easily map locations based either on an address or by directly placing a point on a map. An included vocabulary lets users categorize, display and filter locations by type.

Kudos to Paul Mackay for his initial work on this feature and much appreciation to the University of Victoria Geography Department for its sponsorship of some of the development work which is being used by their Community Mapping Initiative.

The second new feature, Debut Redhen, is the realization of a longtime goal to integrate a CRM within Open Outreach. Thanks to the good folks at ThinkShout for the huge amount of work they have put into getting RedHen CRM developed. That made it pretty straightforward for us to develop a feature that could be easily used as part of Open Outreach.

With RedHen integration, nonprofits can manage their contacts from within their Open Outreach website making it easy to link contacts with website users, track engagement and manage memberships. Users of our event feature can also take advantage of the event registration functionality to allow website users to register directly for events.

Over the next couple of weeks we'll be working on adding new user documentation for both these features to help get you going.