RC3 was released on August 10, 2012 but since it hit some critical errors we have followed quickly with RC4.  These notes reference all the changes made since RC2.

Lots of changes to Open Outreach as well as many of the Debut features and Granada theme in this release. Numbers reference the drupal.org issue and can be more easily viewed on the drupal.org project page.

Open Outreach RC4 fixes:

  • Tags vocabulary and roles not created on install. [#1730168].
  • Create administrator role on install only if not  present. [#1730700].
  • Add patch to fix fatal error from apps. [#1730676].
  • Add patch from Ctools to fix css property stripping. [#1730756].
  • Followup fix to Open Outreach not installing with Drush. [#1677080].

Open Outreach:

  • First terms for the new event vocabulary (see below) created: conference, meeting and workshop. [#1290542].
  • Changed to skip the apps install and move the apps verification screen if the apps are already installed. [#1715608].
  • Added support for recognizing libraries already installed. [#1707166]. Added patch in [#1623338].
  • Fixed error message that was being generated re undefined pantheon variable, [#1653028].

Debut Features:


  • The Debut feature has been deprecated in favour of a new helper module Apps Compatible (http://drupal.org/project/apps_compatible), which calls a functions that creates roles and vocabularies as needed by the other Debut features. [#1712418] and [#1712998]

Debut Bio

  • Add WYSIGYG filters to the bio text field. [#1516768].

Debut Comment

  • Updated to latest release of Comment Notify to solve issue when anonymous commenting used. [#1391198].
  • Added patch to push Captcha above save button. [#1717324].

Debut Event

  • Added a vocabulary for event types, exposed filters for the terms and a new context to display the legend. [#1711592] New dependency on Better Exposed Filters.
  • Added support for exporting iCal. [#1618438]. New dependency on Date iCal

Debut Highlighted

  • Made Image field required. [#1545210].
  • Fixed width error on the “read more” link in Chrome. [#1601094].

Debut Media

  • Fixed bug where anonymous users could see link for media browser. [#1615186].

Debut Wysiwyg

  • Added image button to Wysiwyg formats so editor and contributor can manipulate images after adding them via the media browser button. [#1679640].
  • New filter added to the text formats for editor and contributor as required by new version of Media module. [#1708268].


  • Fixed issue with logo not appearing if DesignKit not used. See [#1718964].
  • Added Fusion responsive support. See [#1722876]. This should also fix the error reported in [#1606938].